Top Task Management Apps to Add to Slack

If your team is looking for ways to stay on top of all their tasks, apps are the way to go. The problem is when there are so many apps to follow. Your team may begin to feel overwhelmed or no longer know where exactly to go to keep up to date. Many companies are getting smart and fighting back app fatigue by looking for ways to centralize apps and workflows through Slack.

While Slack is great on its own for helping team members communicate one on one and via channels, it becomes much more powerful when it’s used to centralize all points of communication and task management.

Looking for some great task management apps that integrate with Slack to help simplify various aspects of task management? Here are a few faves:

Trello (for team task management)

If your team has a lot of tasks on the go, Trello helps centralize and visualize them to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and when items are due. Integrating Trello with Slack allows teams to get notified of Trello board changes right in Slack. Everyone is Slack will also be able to see board cards in Trello even if they don’t have a Trello account themselves.

Revealbot (for online marketing)

If your team is constantly monitoring ad campaigns, Revealbot allows everyone to stay updated right from Slack. Revealbot is a Facebook Ads reporting tool that will alert your team to the most important changes right in Slack. It connects to Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Twitter, Google Adwords, and YouTube. The bot allows teams to set campaign rules for Facebook ads, alert followers to ad performance, create custom reports, and get on-demand metrics by inviting the bot onto any channel.

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Zendesk (for customer support)

When your team is obsessed with customer support and needs to stay alert to incoming tickets from customers, ZenDesk’s integration with Slack allows support interactions to happen in one single place while turning customer service into a team sport. Once ZenDesk and Slack are integrated, teams can manage tickets and add comments right from Slack channels while getting real-time updates and notifications of ongoing matters. Now, everyone is on the same page with customer support, making it even easier to handle client relations.

Jira (for project management)

When your team needs serious Agile project management or an easy way to track bugs, Atlassian’s Jira helps make it easy. Linking it with Slack makes it even easier. Bitband’s Slack + Jira integration provides bi-directional communication between the Jira Cloud and Slack. By linking the two platforms, any change, comment, or update within Jira can be configured to notify one or multiple Slack channels. Similarly, users can have a conversation in Slack around a Jira issue and have that conversation sent to Jira. Even those not on Jira can see updates, which helps keep management in the loop, even if they aren’t typically on the Jira platform.

Pipedrive (for CRM)

Teams that live to close deals love Pipedrive. Whether you are coordinating multiple people to help close a contract or simply want to keep teams informed on a deal’s status, integrating Pipedrive with Slack via the Dealbot has you covered. Salespeople can keep managers or colleagues up-to-date in real-time, virtually eliminating the need for meetings or lengthy emails. Users can post updates on personal deal statuses, share contacts, automatically post new deals, provide a running feed for deals won and more. With its Slack integration, everything is easy to automate so everyone is in the know as to where individual deals are in the company’s pipeline.

Polly (for Team Surveys)

If your team wants a fun way to collect and measure feedback, look no further than Polly. The solution offers a frictionless way to survey teammates while boosting participation rates by 30% compared to other email or web-based survey options. Integrating with Slack allows team members to quickly create surveys and get quick organizational insights directly from within Slack. Teams use Polly and Slack to perform company-wide engagement surveys, onboarding feedback, mid-spring check-ins, all-hands meeting feedback and more.

Whether you’re looking for ways to offer more streamlined customer service or to gather feedback on where your team is on mid-sprint or bug fixes, there are plenty of Slack integrations that help streamline workflows to improve team transparency.

Our own Bitband Slack-Jira integration is just one way to help teams communicate more effectively. You can download it here and try it out for free. Learn about how we work with Git users to help them communicate more effectively too!

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