Top 5 Best Slack Integrations for Jira

Many organizations use Slack for team communication and Jira for project management and handling issues with ongoing software. However, having two separate platforms can become confusing when both are meant to communicate what needs to be done and what has already been actioned. The solution: link the two together!

The great thing about both Slack and Jira is that they both have a marketplace of plugins and solutions designed to take all kinds of disparate platforms and make them interoperable with their technology. You can even link the two together.

However, especially on Atlassian’s marketplace, there’s just such a wide variety of options it’s hard to decide which would work best for your organization.

So let’s take some time to break down the Top Five Slack integrations for Jira within the Atlassian Marketplace and go down a short list of the pros and cons of each to help you understand which might work best for your ongoing project.

Top 5 Slack Integrations for Jira on Atlassian’s Marketplace

Here are the Top Five, in no particular order:

Slack-Jira Integration (Bitband)

Bitband’s Slack-Jira Integration helps make it easy to communicate in both Slack and Jira. 

The Pros:

With Bitband’s integration, users can:

  • Customize Slack notifications with 20+ different Jira fields
  • Notify Slack users of changes directly in Jira
  • Use Slack slash commands to get, create, and transition Jira issues
  • Send Jira notifications to public and private Slack channels (or individuals and groups)
  • Include Jira issues based on priority, status, type, assignees, JQL query, and more

Bitband is quite robust and provides many ways users can communicate using either Slack or Jira (with notifications showing on either platform, so everyone – even those not on Jira – can stay in the loop.

The Cons:

  • Bitband only supports English in terms of interface and support services at this time
  • When users configure a rule, they find they are unable to edit it later and need to create a new one

Slack Integration+ for Jira (

Slack Integration+ for Jira is an easy way to avoid switching between Slack and Jira and touts itself as a 2-way integration that cuts back on platform switching. 

The Pros:

  • New users get a free 14-day trial
  • Teams can create Slack channels for Jira issue discussion
  • The product makes it easy to share status updates and create/assign issues from Slack
  • You can manage Jira directly from Slack without switching platforms
  • Get automated alerts when work is changed in Jira

Slack Integration+ for Jira is touted as easy to install and use by multiple teams and even allows non-technical users (that may be more comfortable with a Slack interface) to get a handle on operational issues. 

The Cons:

  • Users found the app to be expensive 
  • There seems to be a miscommunication surrounding the costs

Slack Connector for Jira (WISOFT)

Slack Connector for Jira is designed to manage all things Jira directly from Slack. 

The Pros:

  • Users can create a new Slack channel (or use an existing one) to link it with issues, projects, or an entire Jira instance
  • Allows team members to follow any Slack conversation (and send messages) from the Jira Issue page
  • Notifications are available for any changes, edits, or comments – and they’re delivered in real-time
  • Advanced filtering on notifications makes it easy to avoid Slack channel clutter
  • Allows the @jira_connector bot to perform Jira actions (such as assign, log work, search, etc.) on a user’s behalf

The Cons:

  • New users have trouble figuring out how to connect to Slack
  • Some users find the pricing to be too high
  • Users would like the solution to have on-premises support, not just cloud support

Slack Integration for Jira (’s Slack Integration for Jira is on a mission to make Jira more delightful by linking it to Slack. 

The Pros:

  • Trooper has been built with the needs of large enterprise deployments in mind (and partners with external auditors for SOC-II and ISO 27001 compliance)
  • Offers bi-directional updates, and in just one-click members can start discussions in either Slack or Jira
  • Jira Issues can easily be created right in Slack
  • Multiple Slack messages can be consolidated into one Jira Issue
  • Trooper reduces noise with a zero-spam guarantee with granular filtering and grouping

The Cons:

With so many stellar reviews on the app, it’s hard to come by any issues teams have had with the product. It comes highly recommended! However, it’s unclear as to if the product can connect multiple Slack workspaces or not. 

Slack Connector for Jira Cloud (J Software Inc.)

Slack Connector for Jira Cloud makes it easy for users of Jira Cloud instances to communicate via Slack while keeping Jira updated. 

The Pros:

  • The solution supports multiple Slack teams
  • Users can receive Jira notifications right in Slack
  • It makes it easy to create a dedicated Slack Channel to bring everyone together 
  • Slack notification messages are customizable and easy to send
  • The platform sends direct messages when an issue is assigned, watched, or mentioned

The Cons:

  • For some, the plugin simply did not work 
  • Users are unable to connect multiple workspaces
  • Users may not be able to control notifications via specific filters

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