Slack Integrations for Easy Team Communication

When it comes to communicating among teams, Slack is a crowd favorite. One of the best things about this wildly popular team collaboration and communication tool is that it allows other team collaboration and communication apps to plug into its own Slack channels. With Slack, it’s never been easier to get everyone on the same page. And thanks to plugins, team members don’t have to sift through tabs of other applications to get an overview of what’s happening on any given project.

We’re big fans of Slack plugins to help us work faster and communicate smarter. Here are some of our favorite collaborative plugins that make using Slack and staying in the loop even easier.

Slack + Trello

Many teams are big fans of Trello’s to-do list style of task organization. Luckily, the platform also plugs into Slack to make it even easier to get task updates, add cards and approve users without having to sift through cards or move from tab to tab. It’s easy to authorize Trello for Slack as well. Simply type /trello help for a one-click log-in into your Trello account.

Slack + Google Drive

Many teams are sharing and collaborating using Google Drive. The solution allows for the secure filing of team documents that can be edited in real-time and shared with team members everywhere. Google Drive even allows teams to share Drive files right in Slack. All you have to do is copy and paste the shareable link right into a Slack conversation and watch the file import. Of course, your file stays on Google Drive; the link simply allows users to move more easily between Slack and Google Drive right from their Slack channel.

Connecting Google Drive to Slack is super simple. An added bonus is that files are easy to search for in Slack too, so even files from conversations that are weeks or months-long will be super easy to locate.

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Slack + Jira

If your team utilizes Jira, linking it with Slack can be a godsend. Bitband’s Slack + Jira integration provides bi-directional communication between the Jira Cloud and Slack. By linking the two platforms, any change, comment, or update within Jira can be configured to notify one or multiple Slack channels. Similarly, users can have a conversation in Slack around a Jira issue and have that conversation sent to Jira.

Slack + Google Hangouts

For teams that need some face-to-face interactions, Slack integrates easily with Google Hangouts. It’s a great way to connect in person with team members who may be working remotely. By simply typing /hangout in Slack, you can launch a Google Hangout in a new window. Google provides a link for a call, making it super easy to video chat within seconds.

Slack + Marker

If you and your team members deal with lots of screenshots for bug reporting, you understand how tedious they can be to sort and find. However, with the Slack + Marker integration, team members can save snapshots, annotate them, and share them with anyone on Slack.

Marker, a Chrome extension, also integrates with Trello, Github, and other apps. Once you install the extension, you’ll be able to take a screenshot, annotate it with arrows, text, or emojis and send it off to a person or channel on Slack. It even attaches the URL of the page you took the screenshot from.

Slack + Tettra

While small teams may not have too much trouble keeping everyone in the loop, big teams might face bigger problems with communication. Enter Tettra. It’s an app that creates an internal wiki for your team where team members can document updates. Not only can you add to the wiki from Slack, you can search the wiki to find answers to your questions right from Slack too.

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