Helpful GitHub Plugins for Project Managers

If you’re managing a team that works a lot on GitHub, you’re in luck. Not only is Git a fantastic code repository with a strong and supportive community, but it also has a lot of helpful plugins to help individuals and teams work better.

There’s plenty of plugins for everything under the sun, but if you’re a project manager, you’re probably looking for solutions that will make communication easy and ensure tasks are able to get check off the list quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a plugin to help you help your team, here are a few to try.

Bitband’s Slack + Git Integration

We’d be lying if we didn’t add our own app to the list! If you’re a team that works in Agile, chances are you’re a team that uses Jira for bug and issue tracking. It’s also a great tool for project managers. With Bitband, you can:

Gain visibility into your development team. Every commit is at your fingertips inside Jira. You’ll be able to stay in the loop with your development team on every issue and can even review code right inside Jira.

Instantly connect to GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket to automatically sync your repos, branches and commits.

Add any Jira issue id to a commit. Those commit details will instantly be visible inside Jira.

See summaries of all commits, the number of lines added and deleted, files that have been updated, users that have submitted work, date/time work was committed, first commit, last commit, etc. at the project level.

Bitband also offers Jira plugins specifically for:








Many software projects have issues surrounding high labor costs, employee turnover, and sometimes even suffer from the low quality of the code itself. Zerocrat attempts to address these issues by empowering human managers with a hosted chatbot. The chatbot helps managers stay on top of tasks, and automates routine operations. The results? Motivated programmers, lower costs and higher quality.


If you are a project manager that’s big on using metrics to track your team’s productivity, WakaTime is here to help. The app provides productivity metrics and time tracking generated from programming activity via dashboards. WakaTime features fully automated project detection, commit stats, embeddable SVG charts, and even private leaderboards to bring out your team’s competitive streak.


Upgrade your office whiteboard with LeanBoard. This digital version of the tried and true whiteboard and sticky notes connects easily to your GitHub issue. The genius of this product is it works just like a normal whiteboard and you can use it for anything you like. It also works in real-time to make team collaboration a breeze even for remote team members.

Always Be Closing

This handy app provides many advanced features related to Pull Request management.

These features include:

  • Delete Emoji Comments
  • Do-Not-Disturb Mode
  • Simple Pull Request Reviews
  • Failing Status Check Notification
  • Delete Emoji Comments
  • Monitor Git Tags
  • Automatic Update and Delete Branches
  • Automatic Merge, Squash, or Rebase

Panorama for GitHub

If you’re a project manager that enjoys visuals to help illustrate the state of a project, Panorama is here to help. With the integration, you can create a “tree view” of issues from multiple repositories. This will help you track your progress and visualize dependencies which will help you gain insights on your overall project. You can use Panorama to organize and structure issues by teams to easily track the progress of the projects you monitor.

As you can see, there are a number of ways plugins can make your management of projects easier. Whether you’re looking for a digital version of the old-fashioned whiteboard or looking for a more effective way to illustrate where your project is, there’s a GitHub plugin for you.

We’re here to help your team work smarter with Git and Jira. Try our apps for GitHub, Git, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gitea, and Beanstalk – all of which allow for easy integration with Jira!

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