The Most Useful Third-Party Jira Add-Ons

One of the most amazing aspects of the Jira platform is the ability to add to the system in a way that makes it feel like a bespoke solution.

This is achieved by an entire Atlassian marketplace of third-party apps, developed by Jira users, designed to solve for gaps in the Jira system. This allows a company to really design the Jira system to meet their needs perfectly, creating a product where various solutions can seamlessly communicate with each other.

Why You Need Third-Party Add-Ons

Not using third-party apps yet? Here’s why your team should really add some to your Jira workspace today:

  • They streamline communications. Team communication can be a challenge. Adding a third-party app designed to help team members communicate keeps everyone on Jira and in the loop simultaneously.
  • Helps with project management. Third-party apps can help link team members to tasks and larger milestones – even those that may not work directly on Jira all the time.
  • Can automate redundant tasks. Project managers often have a list of tasks that could easily be automated, helping save them time and headaches. Finding a third-party plug-in that allows them to quickly automate these daily/weekly/monthly tasks will help them spend more energy on more important items and lighten their workload.
  • Assists with tracking. There are various third-party apps that can help project managers keep track of everything from tasks to work hours. This helps them manage costs while hitting milestones.

Our Favorite Jira Add-Ons 

Slack-Jira Integration

Our own in-house third-party Atlassian app allows for bi-directional communication between any Jira Cloud instance and Slack. With Bitband’s Slack-Jira plug-in, users can get notified:

  • Of all updates to a Jira issue within a project
  • When an issue is closed
  • When an issue is assigned to them
  • Of all changes to high-priority issues
  • When an issue is escalated
  • When a bug is closed

Even those team members who aren’t on Jira (but are on Slack) can get notified so everything about a project is completely transparent.

Quick Subtasks for Jira 

Need to make sub-tasks quickly? The Quick-Subtasks plug-in helps streamline the process by giving users a text template in a special syntax. With this solution, users can:

  • Manage multiple sub-task templates
  • Create subtasks when a workflow transition has been reached
  • Integrate with the workflow editor
  • Set different attributes for each sub-task
  • And more

Timesheet Tracking for Jira 

For project managers that need a quick way to understand how work hours break down across projects, there’s Timesheet Tracking for Jira. The app’s simplistic filtering allows users to generate pie charts and tables for a quick and easy overview of teams, work logs, and overall project duration. Fields are easily customized to reflect specific groups, users, projects, and more.

The add-on boasts:

  • Zero date-range limits 
  • Fast processing
  • No duplication of native Jira functionalities

Work can be logged on a simple personal calendar and is easily monitored on a weekly or monthly basis.

Automation Unlimited for Jira 

We hate to brag, but we really do have some of the best Atlassian apps! One of our latest faves is the Jira Automation Unlimited app is designed to simplify a Jira administrator and Jira user’s day-to-day tasks by removing the repetition.  Users can:

  • Automate almost anything inside Jira
  • Eliminate manual or repetitive tasks
  • Improve consistency by reducing the amount of manual data entry

Related Issues for Jira

Related Issues Panel helps reveal issues with the same values for specified fields. The third-party app provides users with an issue panel for Jira with a list of issues that happen to be related by a certain rule.

The app allows for:

  • Multiple panels (that can be added per issue)
  • Visibility to certain groups only, while remaining hidden from others.
  • Panels enabled for issues matching JQL clauses only
  • The ability to define custom actions on events on related issues

At the end of the day, with over 25,000 add-ons to choose from, the Atlassian Marketplace has something for every Jira user. With Jira and its multitude of add-ons, you’re sure to be able to achieve a properly documented workflow in no time.

Want to see what other Atlassian apps we have in the Atlassian Marketplace? Check them out here.

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