The Many Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business process animation is an aspect of technology that can help companies streamline their processes. Yet, many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of the many platforms and apps to help them automotive recurring/redundant tasks.

It’s possible managers still don’t grasp the full extent of just how helpful automation can be. If you’re still wondering why you should begin to automate, here are a few of the most valuable benefits.

The Benefits of Automation for Teams and Project Managers

Increased Productivity/Less Redundancy

If managers can offload specific tasks to an automation process, they can open up their time for other critical tasks and projects. Automation allows team members to therefore focus more on the bigger picture and less on menial, repetitive admin tasks that, while necessary, can divert valuable energy.

Communication is Improved

There’s a lot of complexity in keeping track of tasks, notes, emails, and reminders. If you can automate your workflow, for example, communication becomes simpler. Having all employees (or key players) interfacing with the same tool, communication becomes more manageable.

Reduction of Human Errors

Accidents happen, and human error is inevitable – unless you lower the dependence on human intervention on specific tasks. Automation can ensure they get done on time, as scheduled and as required in the same way every time.

Cost Reduction

When you have a person (or a team of people) handling tasks that are easily automated, you’re paying a certain amount of money for their time and effort. Automating specific processes lowers the cost of labor, saving your organization money that can add up. Automation also helps reduce errors (which can also cost the company money).

Removes Inefficiencies

Companies are always looking for ways to run a project more efficiently. Automation can help reveal various places where inefficiencies flourish and allow managers to take corrective action. This helps continuously refine the project management process as new projects evolve over time.

Easily Manage Decentralized Teams

As a manager, you can only be in one place at one time. However, by automating systems, you can sync up with teams in different time zones to help you get the results you need when you need them.

Are There Downsides to Automation?

As with any technology, some downsides may be considered, which is true even for something as extraordinary as automation. Before diving in, keep in mind these aspects of the technology to weigh if automation is in your company’s best interests.


If your company has been around for a while, it may have legacy systems that may or may not function well under automation. You need to do some work to ensure it will integrate with existing systems.


While automation simplifies functions to reduce menial tasks, there can be a lot of complexity behind the scenes. When choosing an automation solution, you’ll need to make sure the automation system can effectively replicate these tasks to ensure you’re saving the time you think you will be.

Jira and Automation

While Jira is an excellent project management system, there are often repetitive or menial tasks that project managers need to take into account. Luckily, some plugins can address automation on the system, and Bitband’s Automation Unlimited app helps streamline and simplify redundancies.

With Bitband, users can:

  • Add sub-tasks right onto issues
  • Auto-assign dev tickets by country
  • Auto-assign issues, including high priority ones
  • Auto-close issues based on the parent, age, or duplication
  • Re-open issues when customers comment
  • And more.

Want to try our Automation Unlimited app? Find it on the Atlassian marketplace here. Want to make other aspects of Jira easier for the entire team? Try our apps that integrate Jira with Slack and Git as well.
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