Task Management Apps for Slack

If you are constantly juggling multiple tasks, and finding it’s hard to keep up with what’s left to do or what needs to be done (and by what time), you may need help managing your tasks.

While Slack is great for communication and makes finding documents and conversations quick and easy, it’s not exactly built for task management.

However, there are plenty of task management apps that integrate right into Slack, giving you the help you need to manage tasks while letting you live and work right within the Slack ecosystem.

What Type of Task Management App Do I Need?

Before you go about choosing a task management app, it’s a good idea to ask yourself how your ideal app would operate. Consider reflecting on these questions:

  • Do I require a visual system to help me stay on task?
  • How do I typically tick off my tasks? In order of due date, size of task, importance, or in some other way?
  • Do I group my tasks, and if so, how do I go about organizing my groupings?
  • What incentivizes me to finish a task?
  • Do I need constant reminders? How many reminders do I need and how close to the due date?
  • Do I need to add descriptive details to my task to help me contextualize the work?
  • Do my tasks get overly large? Do I need to use sub-tasks?

Once you have a good idea of how you typically handle task management, you’ll be able to start seeking out options that will help make the process more fun and less stressful.

Need help getting started wading through some options? Here are a few from our team members that help them stay on top of everything they need to do in a project. And the best part? Each is either designed specifically for or plugs right into Slack!

5 Great Task Management Apps for Slack


Asana not only keeps all of your tasks in one place, but it also helps you prioritize work by allowing you to visually drag and drop your task list to allow you to order your day and your duties as you see fit. Tasks can be tracked individually, but also can be visual to an entire team, so co-workers can see just how full your plate is (it will help keep them from piling on). You can re-assign tasks, share files, shoot ideas, and get rewarded with fun little user experience add-ons the help keep you you motivated even when the pressure is on.


Monday gives task management some analytic flare by allowing you to track and share progress and view a team member’s availability is easy to access (and understand) infographics. The workflows are fully customizable so that each team member can organize their dashboards and workspaces as they see fit, to make it easier to manage and digest all of the tasks in front of them. It also offers tons of integrations beyond just slack, including Linkedin, Shopify, Hubspot, Git, Google docs, Microsoft Office, and more.


Workstreams.ai helps you get on top of all you have going on with a bot that embeds right into Slack to help provide you structure and visualize your goals. Everything is organized onto Kanban boards that are fully customizable and easily move around to help you organize your space in a way that works for you. Everyone on the team has visibility into when new tasks are created or when existing tasks get added to or completed. 


listMe is great for keeping track of tasks between users on Slack channels. The app is built right into your Slack channel, making it easy to quickly add and cross off items as they arise and uses Slack’s slash commands to do it. Viewing your list is just as easy, by typing in the /list slash command. You’ll get a complete overview of everything you have on the go and can tick things off right in Slack, so you never have to leave your channels to check up on your tasks.


Todoist is great at giving you an overview of all of your tasks, so you know exactly what’s ahead of you on any given day. It also makes it easy to quick-add tasks so you can quickly slip in new tasks at any time as they arise (like in meetings or quick conversations). Users can easily organize their lists into subtasks and sections, add favorites, and prioritize items. There’s also the ability to add recurring tasks for those who have daily, weekly, or monthly actions they need to keep track of.

Managing Your Tasks

A task management app will only work for you if you commit to using it, so commit to reviewing your To-Do list on a daily basis or weekly basis. Set some time in your calendar to lock in the process. Then, whether it’s the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing you check before you leave, spend some time going over your tasks and crossing out completed actions or updating items.

Depending on how you organize yourself, you may find it’s helpful to:

  • Add the resources you require to each task. Whether that’s a link to a folder or an email to a contact, if it’s easier to have the main tools in front of you to get the task done, add them right into the task when you create it.
  • Estimate the time it will take to complete. This will not only help you prioritize, but it will also give you a high-level calculation of just how much time you’ll need to pound through your tasks and will help you pick the lowest hanging fruit.
  • Only add tasks you’ll work on and actually complete. Don’t make your task list a wish list!
  • Consider if the task is right for you. If there’s another team member that’s more equipped to handle it, it may be best to find a way to pass it on.

Once you’re organized and on top of your tasks, you’ll find you’re less stressed and more able to manage the work in the most efficient way possible.

PS: if you are a Jira user, we have an app that allows you to automate tasks to save you time and cross items off your to-do list permanently. Check out Automation Unlimited for Jira today!

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