Slack Bots To Help You Work Smarter

Many of us are familiar with the concept of chatbots. These self-serving tools can help customers on websites or apps get their questions answered or direct them where they need to go. Chatbots are also being integrated into numerous other channels of internal communications to help team members collaborate more effectively to keep them in the loop.

Even Slack is in on the chatbot game, allowing what are known as Slackbots to take on a wide variety of tasks within the platform. From analyzing data to sharing information, there are a wide variety of Slackbots on Slack that can be used by teams to work together more effectively.

Here are a few of our favorites:


If your team is looking for a simple and effective bot that helps track time, plan shifts, or manage absences, Attendancebot is just what you need. Great for teams with members who work remotely, the bot tracks when a worker is at their computer, on leave, on a project, or in a meeting. Users can send direct messages to the bot that loop in the entire team so everyone’s always in the know.


If your team does a lot of link sharing, you may have found your new best friend. PaperBot organizes the shared links on your Slack channels into one place so everyone on your team can view them anytime via an iOS, Android or web interface. Team members can even opt in to get a summary of the top content shared on their channels delivered straight to their inbox.

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When your team needs updates on their software projects, ZenHub is there to help. The bot integrates with Slack to give a complete picture of your software organization. Your GitHub monitoring can be done from right in Slack with this simple bot.

Bitband’s Slack + Jira integration

Our own Slack + Jira integration is designed to help users who live on Jira communicate with those who live on Slack to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Users can work either in Slack or Jira to share Project, System and Issue notifications. They can also search, assign, and transition issues no matter where they are, alerting individuals and channels to changes within Jira.


Geekbot keeps your entire team in sync, even when members are operating remotely. The bot can automate daily scrums, set up employee feedback surveys, or organize your team’s workflow right from Slack. It’s an easy way to keep everyone on the team focused on the task at hand, no matter where they are.

This handy Slackbot helps you handle your daily tasks without the need for a Slack command. Simply type in “What are my tasks?” and the bot will make sure you’re on top of things. You can even add or assign tasks, and send yourself reminders. All entries are displayed on’s desktop version as well, for an easy off-Slack overview. Consider your personal taskbot.


Donut is designed to make new team member onboarding fun. With Donut, members can send newbies any new information they might need to get up and running or to connect them with an onboarding buddy who can fill them in on the company and its policies. It can also be used to foster collaboration through fun activities like cross-team coffee meetups or to support growth and learning initiatives within your organization.

Slackbots are making it easier than ever to automate Slack events and processes, making it simpler for teams to communicate with each other. And, because they automate and streamline many tedious processes, there’s much less stress in managing tasks and reminders across channels. If you aren’t utilizing Slackbots yet, you’re missing out one some really easy ways to help your team maximize their workflow.

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