Multiple Ways to use Slack to be More Productive on Jira

That’s why more and more organizations are turning to chat apps like Slack. They help teams stay in close communication with each other. However, when individuals and groups are primarily working on other platforms, like Jira, it can be hard to shift back and forth, simply to send a message or to update an individual. Often communication gets pushed back as employees enter flow states.

Which is why apps that help integrate Slack right into Jira help unblock communication streams. By integrating Slack into the Jira experience, employees can send updates and be updated all in one spot. Similarly, if a team member spends most of their time in the Slack environment, they won’t feel left in the dark, as Jira updates can be sent right to the requisite channels, creating an atmosphere of transparency between workers and departments.

Still wondering how Slack can help you be more productive in Jira? Here are 5 simple ways Slack+Jira app integrations like Bitband can help:

Create Notifications on Slack

The best way to keep everyone in the loop is to allow for Jira notifications on Slack. That way, everyone on the same Slack channel (or individuals themselves) will get notified when system or project changes are implemented in Jira.

For example, with Bitband’s Jira-Slack integration app, you can send notifications for three different levels:

System Notifications connecting to a Slack channel – provide event notifications for all Jira items and issues in all defined projects within your system.

Project Notifications connecting to a Slack channel – provide event notification for all Jira items and issues within a specific project.

Issue Notifications connecting to a Slack channel – provide event notification within a specific Jira issue.

Connect a Jira Issue to an Existing Slack Channel

If your team needs to keep an eye on a Jira issue, it’s easy to link it to an existing Slack channel. That way, team members who spend more time on Slack get to follow along with changes and updates without jumping onto Jira sporadically to see if the issue has been dealt with or progressed.

Send Notifications to Individuals

Want to update an individual of a Jira change? It’s quick and easy to send them a message through Slack without leaving Jira. What’s great about a feature such as this is that those receiving notifications don’t necessarily have to be users of Jira to get updates on changes, but they’ll still have the transparency of knowing the progression of certain actions within the Jira ecosystem. It’s a great way, for example, for management to get an overview of what’s been happening on Jira all from the Slack environment.

Search and Assign Issues on Jira from Slack

Issues on Jira are easily searchable on Slack and can even be assigned from the platform without having to change venues and scan through Jira to search and assign.

Use One Channel for Multiple Notifications

If you need your team to see multiple types of notifications, you can easily assign them to one Slack channel, so that all relevant information is streamed right to all of the relevant team members.

It’s easy, for example, to improve communication with Jira workflows. As work moves through various stages you can notify the proper team members of the progression without them having to check statuses in Jira. Product managers building a story can also keep users who don’t use Jira in the loop via Slack. What’s more, hot fixes and bugs can be announced via Slack and users can be updated on the status of urgent fixes that have happened in Jira.

Ready to start integrating Slack with your Jira? We have the #1 Atlassian plugin to help you collaborate and communicate more effectively. We have 10+ years of experience creating groundbreaking integration apps for Jira and hundreds of companies use our tech daily. Download the Slack+Jira integration app here.

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