How your company can benefit from using Git


Git is the world’s most commonly used version control system. Not only can it track the changes team members make to files (in order to have an accurate record of the work that has been done), it allows users to revert to specific versions, allowing teams to essentially “go back in time”. Companies love using Git because it makes collaboration so easy, and allows changes to be made by multiple people while keeping one source file.

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Another great thing about Git is that it can easily plugin to other systems with third-party apps. That means, if you are using platforms like Jira for project management, you can use software like Bitband to link the two, making communication and team collaboration even easier.

Whether or not you use plugins or add-ons to enhance the Git experience, this tool isn’t just useful for development teams! Using Git has an effect on the overall functionality on various aspects of an entire company. The system helps companies speed up their releases, work faster, and respond more promptly to changes. Git can be useful for:


With shorter development cycles, there are more releases possible and more room for marketing initiatives to discuss changes being made to your product and share the changes with your broader audience. And, since changes don’t need to be grouped together and rolled out in one singular release, companies can direct marketing of specific rollouts to more segmented audiences that are directly affected by the changes.

Product Management

Similar to marketing, product management teams benefit from more frequent (and specific) releases. The team can solicit more frequent client feedback and react faster to it. That way, instead of having to wait weeks and weeks to tack on an update into a large packaged release, the fix can happen almost instantaneously and get pushed out to customers about as quickly as your developers can write the code.


Git offers up featured branches, which is perfect for rapid prototyping. UX/UI designers get a sandboxed environment in which to play. This allows them to see their changes and how they will actually look without breaking the existing functionality of the product itself. This also serves as a very effective way of presenting updates to management or other stakeholders.

Customer Support

Typically, when a customer reaches out, it’s because they’re experiencing an issue with a product, which may mean there’s a bug. Bug fixes need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently to show customers your company is engaged in their user experience and prevents frustrated individuals from jumping ship. With a streamlined development cycle, companies no longer have to postpone fixes until the next big packaged release. Instead, developers can patch problems and push them out, meaning fixes happen faster, customer support deals with fewer tickets, and customers stay happy.

Other reasons to love Git

It empowers your junior developers for a stronger team

Git gives junior developers a safe space to work in. One where they don’t have to worry about messing things up or crashing a system. By giving them the freedom to experiment, you’ll be strengthening their skills in the long term, making them stronger developers with more confidence and experience.

It helps you recruit strong team members

GitHub is great for recruiters as each developer that uses GitHub has to set up an account. Here recruiters can find all sorts of great info about a potential hire, including:

  • Websites they’ve chosen to showcase
  • The number of followers they have
  • Contributions the potential hire has made to the site
  • Open source development projects, or repositories and projects they’ve forked

All of this information can help gain insight into potential team members and start a conversation about how they work and what interests them. Plus, it shows they already know the platform your teams work with!

Git is also easy on a business’s budget constraints

With Git being a platform that really focuses on efficiency, teams are able to save time on processes that can slow them down (like passing commits over network connections). And, as an open-source platform, businesses can get started without purchasing expensive software in order to simply get started.

When you’re ready to integrate Git to Jira, we’re here to help. Try our apps for GitHub, Git, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gitea, and Beanstalk – all of which allow for easy integration with Jira!

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