How Jira makes us lose so much time, and how to avoid it

In this article, you can review the aspects that make Jira slow and how to use our Unlimited Workflow Automation to prevent that.

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Jira is a great project management tool that is extremely broad and flexible, so teams with varying use cases can tailor it to their unique requirements. However, as a tool designed to be as comprehensive as possible may require some special workarounds or configurations. 

Also, projects that are broad and full of moving pieces and lots of personnel may have a variety of regular tasks that become mundane when they need to be actioned over and over (and over) again throughout the project itself. On top of that, if you are a company that has the same processes across processes, you, in a sense, need to reinvent the wheel every time you start a new project in Jira again.

Some solutions like Bitband’s Unlimited Workflow Automation can also help a team save time (and sanity) through automation. But first, let’s dive into how Jira can cause teams to lose time and momentum.

There’s A Lot of Admin Work in Jira

No matter the size of the project, your team will have to execute tasks in Jira to ensure that the state of the project is clear. For example, tickets must be opened, assigned, or closed. Items may have to be attached to individual tickets. There may be incidences that happen that require action on the part of the manager or a team member. Also, tickets must be manually assigned to one or various team members, who must go ahead and action the items found on the ticket. Someone, somewhere, at some time, must create, organize, assign, follow up, and close tickets. And all of those actions require time.

If tickets are repetitive, it’s not impossible to template a process within Jira. For example, maybe the same information needs to be added to multiple tickets throughout the course of the project. Tasks of this nature will need to be repeated over and over. For example, while a manager may have the details of a task copied into a Word document (to be pasted in later, when needed), it’s still work to retrieve that template outside of Jira and cut and paste it into a ticket. 

With Jira, there are so many tickets and tasks that need constant actioning that a project manager can spend a large chunk of their project just trying to keep track of tickets instead of much more critical, pressing work that can help move the project along and ensure it stays on time and in budget.

This software also can take time to load any issue, page, menu, or setting. When you are in a hurry or want to get many things done quickly, all the time spent loading pages can add up to several minutes and slow down your admin work overall.

How Automation Can Help

One way project managers can save hours across an entire project is to introduce automation into managing Jira.

Automation can help take over repetitive, mundane tasks so that project managers don’t have to worry about creating, assigning, and closing tickets. With automation tools, these tasks are taken off the table, while processes can be controlled via a central dashboard to show items, actions, and automated functions that are live on the projects.

With automation, project managers can easily template repetitive tasks as well so that they can use and reuse automation capabilities over and over both in existing and future projects, saving even more time in the long run.

Bitband recently introduced one such automation solution. Called the Unlimited Workflow Automation, this app is available on the Atlassian marketplace to help Jira project managers get more done in less time. 

What Bitband Unlimited Workflow Automation Delivers

Bitband helps speed up admin work and removes the waiting time required when project managers and teams need to deal with slow loading menus or issues. With Bitband’s automated solution, teams stop losing time to repetitive admin tasks while ensuring issues stay ordered and organized by standardizing processes. 

Indeed, there’s so much Bitband has to offer, including:

Truly Unlimited Automations

Many solutions say they provide you with automation services – but how much are they really offering? With Jira, automation creation is truly unlimited, meaning your team can create as many automations as it wants (or needs) without paying more.

Automation Templates

If your automation is pretty straightforward (so simple, every team likely needs something similar), you can save time by leveraging one of Bitband’s provided templates to get going even faster.

Full Flexibility

Not finding what you need in the template section of the tool? Simply create your own in-house automation with a few clicks! The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. 

Activate and Pause Automations With Ease

Via a simple toggle click, users can activate their automations…or pause them. This allows for complete automation control within Jira that’s flexible and easily changeable.

Simple Dashboards, Click to Complete Functionality

Your admins and managers don’t have to be coding wizards to get the most out of Bitband. With simple dashboards and seamless usability (you get what you need to be done in a few simple clicks and test your automation in real-time), you don’t have to be a genius to manage Jira better.

Build Advanced Conditions

Sure, Bitband’s Unlimited Workflow Automation is dead simple to adopt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build in advanced conditions. With so many options at your fingertips, your automation workflows can be as simple or complex as you need them to be.

Bitband’s Unlimited Workflow Automation Works with ALL Versions of Jira

Whether you’re using Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, or another version of Jira, Bitband’s Unlimited Workflow Automation is there to assist and is compatible with all Jira versions.

Looking for alternatives to Jira?

Bitband’s Unlimited Workflow Automation tool isn’t the only way users can speed up and streamline their project management experience. 

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The Bitband-Jira Integration is another plugin for Jira that would allow teams and project managers to replicate Jira projects in Bitband app, to make the migration of projects easier. It could also allow new users to view projects replicated from Jira, without having Jira access. 

Now you have two ways to make your project management experience better: Unlimited Workflow Automation will help you to reduce a lot of admin work, but if you are tired of Jira and want to try something easier and faster, try our Bitband app project management tool. Bitband-Jira Integration will help you in the process of moving your Jira projects to Bitband app.

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