Best Release Notes, Ranked

There are quite a few choices on the market for a company looking for a solution that can help them manage and distribute their release notes. While some teams want to organize internal changelogs, others may want to use release notes as an opportunity to connect with their audience more closely.

Whatever your goals, there’s likely a solution that can meet your needs. At Bitband, we’ve created a cheat sheet to help you zero in on the product that can help your team get organized and more effectively manage your release notes.

Best All-Around Release Note Option


Looking for a solution that can provide in-app pop-ups via an embeddable widget but can also help you develop a standalone web page to publish your release notes to? Need something that will match your product’s existing UI? Want to have the power to segment user groups as well? Then Beamer has everything you need, all in one platform. 

Best 3rd Party Release Notes App in Jira

Automated release Notes for Jira by Amoeboids Technolgy

This handy Jira app allows users to customize their release notes, but, even better, it offers templates in multiple formats – including email, PDF, HTML, and JSON. They also provide dedicated release notes pages or the option to add in-app widgets.

Best for Traditional Release Notes

Not only can you create a dedicated page for your release notes, but the platform is also designed to help different factions of your team – from devs to marketing – showcase your notes to make sure your updates and changes don’t go unnoticed. Release note templates are customizable and allow for a consistent customer experience, and users can share releases publicly or keep them internal.

Best Place to Find a Release Note Template


Slite has all kinds of templates on offer. All docs are ready to use and simple to populate, and with a variety of options, it allows a team to customize a template designed to work for them. Slite also has excellent templates for a variety of other purposes as well. The best part: if you’re still trying to wrap your head around what a release note is and why it’s important, they include a handy guide that walks you through every aspect of a note.

Runner Up: Kipwise

Kipwise offers a simple, easy-to-populate template for a product release note that helps you understand what should be included – and provides a useable template to help get you started.

Best Release Notes App for Changelogs


Headway offers changelogs you can share internally or externally. You can also customize templates, segment messages to users, integrate with Slack and Twitter, and automate your publishing, so details go out exactly when you need them.

Best for Soliciting Feedback


If you want your release notes to act as a two-way conversation with your user base, consider Noticeable. With this platform, you can solicit users for feedback to help gauge the response to your changes. Find out if modifications to your UI/UX are popular – or not. Users can easily send feedback to help you improve customer retention and align your team’s design direction with your user’s expectations.

Need help making your Jira processes more manageable? We’re here to help. Check out our Jira add-ons that help you automate and communicate across Jira more effectively.

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