Appfire and other add-ons help you stay on top of your Jira project

While Jira is a fantastic tool for project management, especially for Agile teams, sometimes it can be tricky to handle things like communication or migration. To make it easy, implementing helpful add-ons is always advisable.

At Bitband, we, for example, focus on integrating Slack with Jira to make communication easier both on and off the platform. When teams integrate Slack and Jira using our app they can:

  • Instantly create new Slack Channels linked to Jira issues without leaving Jira
  • Have all comments and events associated with issues automatically shared in Slack
  • View Slack channel conversations right inside the Jira issue
  • Trigger notifications with more than 20 events and fine-tune with JQL
  • Monitor an entire project or an entire instance
  • Send to Slack channels, private channels, and direct messages
  • Filter notifications by priority, component, resolution, labels, status, type, assignee, reporter, epic, and sprint
  • Etc.

But what if you need to handle something like a migration?

Project Configurator from Appfire

Luckily, Appfire’s Project Configurator can assist. Project Configurator provides full Jira migration support. It automates the time-consuming task of merging complex Jira instances. The solution configures changes from one Jira instance to another or from a staging environment into production. It also offers comprehensive tools for filters, dashboards, and Agile boards.

Migration made easy

Have you ever had to migrate Jira to another server? With Project Configurator, users can move a group of projects in one single operation, removing complexity and making sure nothing gets left behind. Migrations can include:

  • Issues
  • Attachments
  • Configurations
  • Dashboards
  • Filters
  • Scrum boards

What’s more, if your team is migrating a Jira Server to Data Center, you’ll be able to export project data and configuration from your Server before you have to import to Data Center.

Handle Change Management with Ease

For project managers looking for a way to avoid manually updating twice – with all configuration changes needing to be adjusted in both the Jira staging environment and the production instance, Project Configurator is great. Users can easily export their Jira configurations from staging and then simply promote those same changes to the production instance. It’s a big time-saver!

Sample Use Cases

Teams would benefit from using Appfire’s Project Configurator if they:

  • Need to safely and quickly test Jira changes in a Staging instance while promoting the changes to a Production instance.
  • Need to split out projects into multiple instances
  • Need to migrate of merge separate instances of Jira
  • Need to duplicate Jira Software of Service Desk configurations for use in new instances

If you need to communicate more effectively on Jira, look to Bitband’s Slack-Jira plugin. However, if your goal is to migrate smarter and faster, you’re going to want to check out Appfire’s offering! No matter what you do, seeking out Jira plugins is a good way to use the platform more effectively. It also helps your entire team work more efficiently in the long run. Take advantage of Jira plug-ins, folks! They’re designed to make your projects run way more smoothly.

Want to learn more about what Bitband does? Drop us a line at any time. We’re here to make working with Jira way more fun. Let’s chat!

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